From Rome to the Runway: Fendi’s Spring 2024 Collection

In the bustling streets of Milan, where fashion dreams become reality, the Fendi Spring 2024 runway collection made a bold statement at the kickoff of Milan Fashion Week. Founded in 1925 in the heart of Rome, Fendi has remained an iconic Roman institution, with its headquarters still nestled in the great City.

The theme for this fashion show was Roman Insouciance. A level of unbotheredness reflecting in fabric shade yet reviving or redefining old Italian fashion trends that have long fallen out of style. The Roman Republic, and Empire collapsed over 1500 years ago, but being one of the most recorded periods of human history, it isn’t unlikely that designers would borrow from it.

Kim Jones, the artistic director for Fendi’s couture and womenswear, drew inspiration from the timeless elegance of Rome for this collection. He described Rome as a city where elegance is found in ease and a disregard for others’ opinions—a true embodiment of luxury. Jones’ vision for Spring 2024 was to capture this essence of ‘Roman chic.’

The collection, unveiled in Milan, showcased a feast of modern minimalism, characterized by a color palette of cherry red, pale blue, canary yellow, and neutral tones. Each piece exuded effortless luxury, from sheath dresses with long sleeves tied over one shoulder to off-center sweaters paired with midi skirts or khaki trousers, all conveying a sense of relaxed sophistication.

Jones revealed that his daily walks in Rome, accompanied by a soundtrack playing through his ear pods, inspired the collection. He likened the experience to watching an imaginary film with Fendi characters weaving through the streets. This narrative quality was evident in the artfully tied dresses and haphazardly positioned cardigans, which mirrored the stylish strangers often seen outside Milan Fashion Week—individuals whose outfits are carefully curated yet unpretentious.

While the collection celebrated individuality and self-expression, it also paid homage to Fendi’s heritage. The runway featured hulking, sculptural versions of the brand’s iconic handbags, transformed into cottage-size sculptures in a white, marble-like material. The front row boasted a star-studded lineup, including supermodels Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Linda Evangelista, along with other A-list clientele and friends of Kim Jones.

What truly captivated viewers, however, was the twist of layering, postmodern color blocking, and the reintroduction of Fendi’s monogram prints from the 1990s. These subtle yet luxurious details set the collection apart, offering a departure from conventional “quiet luxury.”

In his closing remarks, Jones emphasized that the collection is not about wearing something but about being someone—a sentiment that resonates with those who embrace fashion as a form of self-expression. As the collection prepares to hit stores next spring, its message of confidence and chicness is sure to inspire fashion enthusiasts worldwide.


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