Do you outfit your accessories or accessorize your outfit? A classic case of a healthy outcome is when you can’t tell which comes first. Maybe, even simpler, is defining your aesthetics with our approved checklist of style staples to bring luxury to your taste.

F7 Apparel is a burst of luxury fashion for your suitcase needs and a lifestyle concierge for your pick of rare, timeless and exclusive fashion and lifestyle experiences. Ours is simply a case of embellishing the classics for an authentic vision of style, for culture. Whether you are leaving grey skies behind in winter or chasing the rays this summer, catch us operating from the heart of London and the city of Lagos- Nigeria, where our exciting journey all began in 2016.

As the world of luxury moves towards a more conscious mindset, our inspiration is to be a borderless force in fashion shopping by maximizing the potential of the internet- our simple click through e-commerce platforms, and the metaverse- our 3D virtual reality space to stimulate your eye for style. Imagine stepping into our borderless store, from the safety of your home or office from anywhere in the world. This mini digital getaway is a live experience that allows you to shop outfits, interact with our customer experience team, make payment and take delivery of your order without even booking a flight to London. This could all be possible in the metaverse.

What is the metaverse?

In the simplest terms, the metaverse is the internet, but in 3D. It’s a form of digital interaction where connected virtual experiences can either stimulate the real world or imagine worlds beyond it. It is an online community where we login time and over again in our daily lives but hardly take cognisance of its existence. In more recent times, technologies like Virtual reality and Xtended reality have been built to access this universe through avatars and conduct human-tric activities like socialization, shopping, learning, gigs, theater, sports and MICE(Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) activities but to mention a few.

Why fashion and metaverse?

According to PWC 2022, although the Metaverse is not fully ready for prime time yet, it has started to create real business value today and has the potential to set up businesses for reinvention and market entry.

The metaverse has generated a lot of buzz. From our experiences of the internet, we know that buzz can go from being a vision held by a few to something that can shape the way we live and work quicker than we could imagine. According to Mr. Kolawole Ayodeji (CEO of F Seven Apparels), “Ideally, anyone could visit London for their shopping experience in real time. But in reality, not everyone has the convenience of time and money as options – and certainly not great for the planet. Using digital experiences and stories, we level the global playing field and lower the carbon emissions associated with traveling”. We are early adopters and the first Nigerian Digital fashion market exploring Virtual Reality.

Advantages of the Metaverse.

Until now, organizational culture has evolved, largely organically, in single work spaces but with people working in different places at different times, companies need a clear vision of how our real world should look, to make the most of the virtual one. From engineering omni channels for reducing the need for exchange of goods for our clients, we are primed to promote the human centric experience of curiosity, identity and confidence. Our clientele who fall between the 18-45 years age range love fashion and technology and are keen to try out Avatars and other personalized services through technology, says Olayinka Kareem (FSeven Apparels’ Commercial Director). Our recent research gathered that our clients are willing to pay and explore services like personalized avatars, virtual changing rooms, rate my clothes functionality, fashion NFTs, Augmented reality functions and experience fashion shows within the metaverse.

Fashion and Metaverse.

The goal is that, eventually, anything you can do in the real world will have a virtual counterpart in the metaverse. That’s why we are intentional about interweaving digital design with physical fashion, from tailoring your avatar to digital sampling and fittings, through virtual runways and fashion shows. The aim is to satisfy the desire for consumption, but in a more sustainable way.

According to Eric Daodu (FSeven Apparel Director- IT and Digital), the metaverse is capable of increasing the blend between digital and physical worlds by rendering and simulating digital clothing onto a photo of a person, or an avatar in a game. The ‘screen wear’ functionality allows consumers to add photo-realistic clothing items to their social media photographs, so that people are able to purchase and wear clothing items that they might not otherwise choose or be able to afford in the real world. This virtual reality helps eliminate the real world waste that results when certain consumers, like Instagram influencers, buy an item of clothing and only wear it once.

The efficiencies presented by this digital concept offer sustainability benefits in the form of lower greenhouse emissions, waste and transport miles involved in sending new clothing sample sets around the world.

Pandemic and metaverse

The pandemic has set the perfect stage for the metaverse to take off. It has created a society where social anxiety is on the rise and the desire for convenience is at an all-time high. The metaverse is, by design, meant to be used in isolation. You don’t need other people physically present when putting on a headset to travel the world or hang out at a virtual bar.

Accessing the metaverse is as simple as putting on a virtual reality headset and holding a set of controllers. Users all over the world access the internet on a daily basis but are oblivious of the fact that the internet is actually an environment. As such, people feel that the metaverse is a new environment and this necessitates demystifying the myth from the actual truth. Simply put, the internet is the gateway to the metaverse through channels like Virtual reality and Web3. Examples of platforms that provide access to the Metaverse are social and gaming platforms, for example Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Oculus, Facebook, Quixel megascans, Unreal Engine. F7Apparel is working to avail its customers with the best meta experience in digital fashion through an array of channels both in the commercial and private spaces. Commercial Virtual experience centers and private gaming consoles are some of the channels that will be available for ease of access to our virtual store in a matter of time.

Virtual land and digital assets

FSeven Apparel is an early adopter of digital fashion, expanding its verticals in the omni channels made available to its discerning customers. As such, we will continue to invest in virtual assets where we can promote a fully immersive and 3D experience that does not require a platform or device interface to connect to it. The ability to shop in the metaverse is one of the most exciting things just yet, and F7Apparel is going far and beyond to make this a daily journey for our clients.

Essentially, our digital piece of land in the metaverse represents the main provisions of a high street store. The vision is borderless and timeless shopping for F7 clients anywhere in the world.

Metaverse partnership

Synergies and partnerships are at the forefront of our values at Fseven and the Metaverse thrives on the same concept. In order to satisfy the desire for consumption in a more sustainable way and create a timeless experience of digital fashion to our clients, we have partnered with organizations which possess cutting-edge technologies to bring digital fashion and luxury concierge to life. Notable among this partnership is the human-centric metaverse known as Vaulthill FZE. We aren’t oblivious of many other partnerships necessary for essential integrations and the growth of our verticals, hence we are in talks with the likes of Globant, Google and Binance, just to mention a few.

Our commitment is born out of a passion to bring lifelong experiences to our customers, whether in store or via our metaverse space and in doing so, protecting our environment. We bring luxury to your taste. For more information visit our website at www.f7apparel.co.uk or reach out to us via social platforms.

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