We are at the very heart of the most forward-thinking brands and on a mission to deliver an outstanding level of personal service and experience, unmatched loyalty and satisfaction which appeals to your unique sense of magic.


We represent the refinement and qualities embedded in our cultural values through innovation and reach in the luxury fashion space for Africa.


To align disruptive online and metaverse technology platforms to bridge the gap between brand reach and fashion luxury experience in Africa.

Our Back Story

Through the ever woke city of Lagos, Nigeria- we started out as a luxury personal shopping outfit providing shopping assistance to discerning clients all over Nigeria. We became quickly known and widely consulted for personalised styling and easy access to some of the most desirable brands in the world. We leverage largely on our learning for life policy by working very closely with our clients to bring customer centric experience into your online shopping journey which is in itself driving us into the ever-evolving fashion space.

Our Collaborative Proposition – Sustainability

We prioritise sustainability culture in the luxury industry when collaborating with brands, suppliers and retailers. Collaborative Community of brands who are transparent with the management and reporting of their net positive impact across ESG indicators helps our clients understand how to leverage sustainability as a key driver of value. We are big on sustainability.

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